Apple M2

The Apple M2 operates with 8 cores and 8 CPU threads. It run at No turbo base No turbo all cores while the TDP is set at 15 W.The processor is attached to the N/A CPU socket. This version includes -- of L3 cache on one chip, supports 2 memory channels to support LPDDR5-5500 RAM and features 4.0 PCIe Gen lanes. Tjunction keeps below -- degrees C. In particular, M2 Architecture is enhanced with 5 nm technology and supports None. The product was launched on Q1/2022

Apple M2
Frequency 3.50 GHz
CPU Cores 8
CPU Threads 8
Turbo (1 Core) No turbo
Turbo (8 Cores): No turbo
Hyperthreading No uncheck
Overclocking No uncheck
Core Architecture hybrid (big.LITTLE)

Memory & PCIe

Memory type LPDDR5-5500
Max memory 16 GB
Memory channels 2
PCIe version 4.0
PCIe lanes


AES-NI Yes check

Internal Graphics

Memory type LPDDR5-5500
GPU name Apple M2 (8 Core)
GPU frequency 3.50 GHz
GPU (Turbo) No turbo
DirectX Version
Execution units 128
Shader 0
Max memory
Max. displays 3
Technology 5 nm
Release date Q1/2022

Technical details

Instruction set (ISA) ARMv8-A64 (64 bit)
Architecture M2
L2-Cache 16.00 MB
L3-Cache --
Technology 5 nm
Release date Q1/2022
Socket N/A

Thermal Management

TDP (PL1) 15 W
TDP (PL2) --
TDP Up 20 W
TDP Down 10 W
Tjunction max --

iGPU - FP32 Performance (Single-precision GFLOPS)

The theoretical computing performance of the internal graphics unit of the processor with simple accuracy (32 bit) in GFLOPS. GFLOPS indicates how many billion floating point operations the iGPU can perform per second.

Apple M1X 5,213 (100%)
100% Complete
Intel Core i7-8709G 3,665 (70%)
70% Complete
Intel Core i7-8809G 3,665 (70%)
70% Complete
Apple M2 2,851 (55%)
55% Complete
Apple M1 2,607 (50%)
50% Complete
Intel Core i7-8706G 2,595 (50%)
50% Complete
Intel Core i5-8305G 2,595 (50%)
50% Complete


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